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Cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic Bonding is where teeth are sound but rotated or spaced, we avoid cutting good enamel for cosmetics but a nicer smile can be created by bonding a porcelain-like material in a colour to match your natural tooth. This procedure involves no drilling, is totally reversible and is done in one visit.

Before Treatment
After Treatment

This is Katie, Dr Syrons dental assistant. Her teeth were perfectly sound, although ‘gappy’ and slightly rotated and she was anxious to improve their cosmetic appearance.

Previously dentists had only offered her veneers or crowns to improve her smile, but as these procedures involve cutting sound enamel, she was understandably reluctant to embark on this.

‘Bonding’ her teeth involved no injections or drilling & was carried out in one visit. She is delighted with the result & relieved that she did not submit to crowns or veneer work to achieve this result.

Dr Syron would be happy to do a consultation appointment and show you a ‘mock up’ of how bonding would look on your teeth and provide you with ‘before and after’ photographs and an estimate of the cost involved.

This treatment was carried out in one sitting which took approximately 2 hours.

Cost per tooth from £120.




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